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SXPD is an exhilarating action racing game and a state of the art digital comic book fused into one. Essentially the world’s first true game-comic book hybrid, SXPD sees players switch seamlessly from reading a comic book to playing the graphic novel’s hi-octane action sequences. Play through each of the game’s 6 chapters to unlock and unravel the whole story. A story that revolves around the exploits of the SXPD, a female police force tasked with enforcing the law in a lawless state with many threats.


SXPD has been in development for over 2 years. Like all other OneBigGame games, it was conceived pro bono for OneBigGame’s charity directed by an established name in videogames. In this case, industry legend David Perry supervised while the game was designed and developed by Little Chicken Game Company and Mighten Ink. Its inspiration came from one of David’s favorite 8-bit games, the ZX Spectrum classic ‘3D Deathchase’. Originally intended to be a 21st century tribute, it gradually grew into a standalone game, specifically when it was fused with the art of famed graphic novelist Duke Mighten. This paved the way for the unique comic book / racing game hybrid that SXPD eventually became.


  • Full 42 page digital comic book
  • 6 game chapters to play through
  • Multiple exciting arcade modes
  • Action-packed chasing through stylized black & white environments
  • Top quality graphic novel art and story by comic book artist Duke Mighten (a.o. DC Comics’ Batman: Book of Shadows, Marvel Comics’ Punisher 2099, Judge Dredd, Accident Man, Satanika)


SXPD Release Trailer - Universal Version (iOS/Android/Amazon) YouTube

SXPD Release Trailer iOS YouTube

SXPD Destroyer Teaser YouTube

Global Launch Trailer YouTube

SXPD Trailer YouTube

SXPD Teaser YouTube

SXPD Gameplay YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "We are extremely proud of how SXPD has turned out. When David first pitched the idea to us as a project for OneBigGame, I was expecting something special, but it’s turned into something even more unique, a great new addition to the OneBigGame catalogue."
    - Martin de Ronde, OneBigGame
  • "When OneBigGame asked me to contribute to their charity initiative, I took inspiration from my favorite 8-bit game of all time, 3D Deathchase on the ZX Spectrum. This game is a tribute to that masterpiece as well as a unique game in its own right, bringing together comic books and games in a new way."
    - David Perry, www.dperry.com
  • "OneBigGame is all about bringing developers together to do something good and have fun at the same time and SXPD is the perfect example of that. As a comic book artist and art director on games I’ve always been intrigued by the overlap between these two forms of entertainment and SXPD for me marks the first time that comic and game blend into each other."
    - Duke Mighten, Mighten Ink
  • "SXPD has been a labor of love for us and we feel this really shows in every aspect of the game. We can’t wait to unleash it upon the world and we hope fans of racing games and comic books will feel the passion with which we’ve built this game."
    - Michiel Sala, Little Chicken Game Company

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About OneBigGame

OneBigGame aims to raise funds to help solve problems afflicting children around the world. As an organization, it commits its time for free so gaming can help children around the world. OneBigGame raises funds by publishing games that are specifically created for its initiative. Game designers (like David Perry) who are willing to also commit time for free, are asked to come up with and direct a vision for a unique charity game, after which one or more professional teams commit to its creation. For its third project, OneBigGame has partnered with games industry legend David Perry, comic book writer & artist Duke Mighten and game developer Little Chicken Game Company to create SXPD. Of all income received by OneBigGame from SXPD, 100% is channeled to charity. OneBigGame continues to ask all distribution and publishing services to contribute their fees as well.

SXPD Credits

   David Perry


   Martin de Ronde

   Hans Tasma
   Executive Producer

   Usability Testing

   Game Testing

   Lincoln Beasley PR
   PR & Marketing

   Fortyseven PR
   PR & Marketing

   Buff PR
   PR & Marketing

Mighten Ink

   Duke Mighten
   Creative & Art Direction, SXPD IP Creator, Writer, Illustrator

   Matthew Flynn

   Jason Crowe
   Theme Composer

Little Chicken Game Company

   Yannis Bolman
   Art Direction, Character Modelling

   Tomas Sala
   Creative Direction

   Senne de Jong
   Technical Direction

   Michiel Sala
   Executive Producer

   Joris van Laar

   Mark Bouwman
   System Programming, Gameplay Programming

   Michiel Frankfort
   System Programming

   Rutger Stegenga
   Environment Design

   Krijn Hakkert
   Environment Design

   Mark Doezé
   Composer, Sound Designer

   Thom Hurks
   Additional Programming

   Simon Alkemade
   Additional Programming

   Robin Kollau
   Additional Programming

   Niels Aust
   Additional Programming

   Linda Kentie
   Additional Art

   Wybren van Beemdelust
   Additional Art

   Bjorn Dingeldein
   Additional Art

   Stefan Mensen
   Additional Art

   Janneke de Koning-Dubbelman
   Additional Art

   Lianne Alink
   Game Breaker

   Robin Kruijt
   Game Breaker

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